Monday, 17 February 2014

Coming Soon! The Babble Pod : A British Expansion Of The Mind.

Hello and welcome to the brand spanking new home of The Babble Pod : A British Expansion Of The Mind!

The Babble Pod is a conversational podcast hosted by two guys from the north west of England about any and all topics.

Meet Your Hosts :

Graham "Butcha" Sayer

Graham was two times amateur world kickboxing champion (A.K.A & I.K.F) in his twenties before retiring from the sport in his early thirties (56 Wins and 0 defeats) due to being a bit of a wimp and  to save his good looks. Now a veritable family man he lives with his Wife (in the picture above) and Daughter (not in the picture above) and is making huge inroads in the Milk delivery industry and can be quoted as saying "Its milk, how f***ing hard can it be?"

Chris "Big Show" Webster

This hairy arsed ape of a man also grew up in the North West of England, is a father of three (soon to be four) and is a bit of an idiot.  Fancies himself as a musician and singist (his words) but in truth is a professional amateur of everything and self confessed disaster magnet. Evidence of this are broken coccyx and the rather large scars on his legs from a kite surfing misadventure that led to a double knee reconstruction and two years out of work.  Despite this his Weeble like personality saw him get back up and get on and is now trying his hand at more sedate hobbies like blogging and now podcasting.

The Babble Podcast.

The podcast is a little experiment in free form thinking and conversation, in each episode we will cover a series of subjects and just see where we end up, which is always a bad idea with us. Just fun and laughs and a couple of microphones.

We also hope to have a some interesting guests on the podcast, people we know and people we would like to know.

We will be invading your ears really soon so keep an eye out at here at!

- Chris

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