Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Start Of Something New

Well after a mad rush of buying equipment, testing and a false start due to illness, the first Podcast is now live!!

Graham and I have long been podcast fans with a wide range of podcasts we listen to.  When we decided we wanted to start a podcast we didn't have much of a plan of action other than, get the equipment, sit down and hit record.

Now that our first podcast is in the ether waiting to be downloaded, I have been thinking about where I would like this podcast to go, what sort of things I would like us to talk about, what sort of feel we want to create.

As many interests as Graham and I share there are just as many we don't share, but I think that is a good thing especially when it comes to creating a regular episodic look into our brains.  Graham is a massive MMA and Kickboxing fan, and  I have only a passing interest in that sort of thing.  I have a big interest in reading and listening to book and audio books.  We both love games and science fiction, films and TV.  

Over the next few months we will be refining and tweaking the format, direction and general feel of the podcast.  Our first episode was more of a test bed topic about something we both had a lot to say about and vested interest in, as the subject matter affects us both to varying degrees in our personal lives. Kind of lighting the touch paper and standing well back, seeing if we could hold a conversation for a given length of time, and have it make some kind of sense.  After listening back to the entire podcast all I can say is that the jury is still out on whether we achieved what we set out to do. The topic of the podcast was very heavy and involved and personally I don't feel i prepared enough ahead of time to concisely state the points I was trying to make without getting derailed by Graham playing "Devils Advocate" and stating views that weren't necessarily his own. That's something that graham likes to do when having an involved discussion, he likes to test peoples arguments and views by taking the opposite view and making you defend your own, it makes for very in depth discussion that often veers wildly from where it was meant to go. 

Eventually I hope to have more of a structure form within the podcast where instead of taking one subject and running with it, maybe having a few shorter segments and then one main topic that we discuss in detail, something that also interests me is the possibility of taking a satirical look into "celebrity" and reviewing the vastly strange happenings in the celebrity world.

Another plan in the pipeline is PodGuests. Graham has a few contacts in the UK MMA scene and hopes to bring a few interesting guests into our "studio" for a chat further down the line, something I am particularly looking forward to.

I guess what I am saying is that, yes our first podcast is up, we fell right in to the rabbit hole with the subject we chose, but it is by no means a style set in stone.  We are still working on it so please dont be put off!

We are aiming to post new podcasts every 2 weeks but I intend to Blog here about things that are going on and keep you up to date in between.

So keep checking back here for updates and upcoming subjects and follow us @TheBabblePod.  Follow me @ClumsyHero and Graham @graham_sayer.  Post comments here if you have any comments or questions or even ideas on what you would like to hear!



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